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1. Do you sell safes?

In our inventory we have a wide variety of safes to choose from.The fire/burglary ratings vary for your security needs. We currently have over 500 safes new and used to choose from. Our employees at Johnson Safe Company advise you to schedule an appointment in order to fufill your individual needs.

2. What specific manufactures are available through your company?

We are a dealer for Diamond Back and Fort Knox gun safes. We currently have a wide variety of Melink, Diebold, ISM, Gardall, Mosler, Allied Gary, AMSEC.

3. What if I misplace my combo?

Not a problem, our company has never failed to get into a safe with a lost combination. We can drill open any safe and repair after an opening. Pricing varies, call us for further information.

4. Do you move/deliver safes?

Our company provides a knowledgeable and professional staff that is capable of moving any safe. As a safety precaution, our staff may need to gain a further understanding of the type of move that is needed. These questions include

What are the dimensions & weight of the safe?

During the move, will stairs or turns be present?

What is the type of flooring in the move path?

Will the safe need to be anchored to the floor?

5. Do you keep safe combinations on file?

No, we are not able to keep safe combinations on file because a liability issue arises. We ensure our customers that they protect their own individual security. We will provide you with combination cards when you purchase/change your combination.

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