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Johnson Safe Company

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Safe Products

Safe Products

Amsec TL-30 (All Steel)



-Safe manufactured by AMSEC

-TL-30 burglary rating UL approved

-3/4 inch steel body

-2 3/4 inch steel door

-Main Safe lock has a electronic lock manufactured by sergeant green leaf as well as a inner door safe with a combination dial from the same manufacture

-Safe has a drop on the top left side for deposits that then stores it in the bottom safe

-Weighs 3,500 lbs

-Great for money, jewelry, pawn shops etc.

- Outside Dimensions: 42 3/4 H x 42 5/8 W x 28 3/4 D

- Inside Dimesnions: 41 5/8 H x  41 1/8 W x 24 5/8 D

-Divided Dimensions are:

  Top left: 20 1/4 H x 20 1/2 W x 17 3/4 D

  Top Right:20 1/4 H x 20 3/8 W x 21 D

  Bottom Left: 20 1/2 H x 20 1/2 W x 20 1/4 D

  Bottom Right:20 3/8 H x 20 1/8 W x 21 D

-The dividers can be can be modified and shelving can be modified in its place so a possible additional fee if desired.

- Additonal delivery and shipping charges do apply

  Please call 614-491-6767 to purchase ask for Jody Johnson or Brad Johnson

Please Call 614-491-6767 to purchase

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