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Amsec Amvault TL-30



- Outside Dimensions: 52 H x 31 W x 29 1/2 D

- Inside Dimensions 45 H x 24 W x 20 D

-"UL" listed, TL15 rating,

- Two (2) hour, 350º F factory fire rating, Tested at temperatures up to 1,850º F,

- Weight: 2,003 lbs.

- Lock: "UL" listed, Group II combination lock or electronic lock

- Interior: 3 adjustable shelves

- Capacity: 12.5 cubic feet

- Can be converted to have an electronic lock

- Can be anchored to concrete

- Great safe for money or vaulables

- Additional delivery and shipping charges do apply

Please call 614-491-6767 to purchase ask for Jody Johnson or Brad Johnson

Please Call 614-491-6767 to purchase

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