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Fichet Biltmore (300) TL-30


-Fichet Biltmore (300) TL-30

-Outside Dimensions: 41 H x 31 W x 29 D

-Inside Dimensions: 36 H x 25 1/2 W x 20 D

-S&G combination dial

-Can be anchored

-Has inner safe in top left hand corner

-Weight 1,550 lbs

-Color: Tan/Brown

-Has glass plate re-locker behind dial of the main door

-10.6 c.u. ft storage capacity

-Door contains 2 1/2 inches of high resistant material (Draggamix) sandwiched between

two plates

-Door is over 5 inches thick, with 3 inch defense barrier

-Also has a key lock on the main door for extra security

-Additional delivery and shipping charges do apply

Please Call 614-491-6767 ask for Jody Johnson or Brad Johnson

Please Call 614-491-6767 to purchase

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